RESTful APIs and Serializers

  • 22 Sep, 2022
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A complete production grade backend for an imaginary online store. Building a RESTful API for a storefront application data model.

In this project I use:

  • RESTful APIs with Django REST Framework
  • Advanced API Concepts
  • Designing and Implementing a Shopping Cart API
  • Django Authentication System
  • JSON Web Token
  • Designing and Building the Orders API

With this project I learned:

  • Fundamentals of RESTful APIs
  • Working with class-based views
  • Creating serializers
  • Using mixins and generic views
  • Generating routes with routers
  • Filtering, searching, sorting, and pagination
  • Django authentication system
  • Creating custom User models
  • Securing APIs with JSON Web Tokens (JWT)
  • Using signals to decouple apps
  • Troubleshooting common errors

Link to my project: